About us

Wipaka Designs is a new store where you will find some of the most original, conscious thought, provoking artwork, printed on clothes.

We believe in freedom of expression and we try to make awareness of the issues that matter to us in the world we live in today, by using wise, beautiful, sometimes funny and sometimes provocative statements and designs, to express an emotion or a state of mind. We choose very carefully the words, statements, and quotes of humans we admire, and we do it in a symbiotic way with our designs so that they complement each other resulting in powerful pieces.

For us, a t-shirt is like a wearable canvas, is a way of expressing part of your personality, there are many ways to get your point across with clothes. Just by the colors you wear, you can express an emotion, the images and the words you choose can be very powerful, like a statement about something for which you feel very passionate about.

Every single design at Wipaka Designs has an intention at the moment of creation...

We are working on soon offering  the option in our store of products made with Organic Hemp, Organic cotton, and Bamboo!

As a new company we want to thank you for your support, it means a lot to us! and please give us your friendly feed back, is important to us as we learn and grow, to be able to improve our service and your experience when visiting our site.

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